Another Sarasota DNS

DNS in the running world is a did not show. This is the second time I’ve done this for the First Watch Sarasota half marathon. The first time was due to moving to Orlando, and this time was just because I wasn’t feeling it. 

I’m trying to cut down on my half marathons, and doing 3 race weekends in a row was not something I was looking forward to. I have never been to Sarasota and really want to go and explore, but this did not feel like the right time. 

I had an offer to stay with an amazing friend (thanks Krissy), but chose a weekend home with my family instead. 

I did a few responsible things like my taxes, cleaning the house, and working in the yard that was long overdue.

I did also did things I enjoy like taking Hudson to the dog park, running with him, dinner and a movie date night, and some alone time at Disney. 

Overall it was a productive and relaxing weekend that I used to just recharge. 

Am I sad I didn’t run? I do have major being envy right now. I andlso do want to run this race one year and explore Sarasota. 

Maybe next year will be the year!

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2016…What a Year! 

What a year! 2016 had many ups and downs for me, but overall I’m grateful for what this year has taught me. 

Professionally – I started a new job and started a new career path. Everyday is a new challenge and I am truly loving it! I love what I do, I love what I’m learning about myself, and I love the people I work with. 

Personally – I also saw a lot of growth. As I’ve gotten older, I am focusing more on myself, and who and what makes me happy. I was able to travel more, get closer to amazing friends, and even knocking a few bucket list things off my list (some I didn’t know were on there)!

I have always wanted to pet a baby tiger. Swimming with one was amazing!!

Meeting a Beluga Whale

Fitness – Running was not my friend, and really hasn’t been since I started training for my first marathon a year and a half ago. I was still able to run half marathons in 3 states and finish my first triathlon! 

Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland

My first Tri!

This was also my first full year with Hudson, and I can honestly say he is such an amazing part of my life. He is my running and cuddle buddy, and I look forward to days we get to hang out together. I always thought people were a little crazy when they said they were dog moms, but I truly understand that now! I love going to the dog park and watching him play. The little things he does cracks me up getting to see his little personality. I can’t wait to have more adventures with him in 2017! 

Such a happy dog

I wish everyone the best of luck and happiness in 2017!!

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To Run or Not to Run

To run or not to run…that always seems to be the question. 

The past few months, my body has not been my friend. From constant fatigue, to unbearable hip pain, plantar faciaitis, my body is just rebelling. I’ve tried to take it easy, which doesn’t seem to help. I’ve tried to run through it which is sometimes ok, sometimes not. I’ve gone to the chiropractor, gotten massages, iced, stretched, you name it. 

Unfortunately, its race season in Florida, meaning all the races I signed up for while I was healthy, are happening now. 

Perfect example was this weekend. It was a race I signed up for back in May/June and was really looking forward to…Clay Roads 15k. 

The Clay Roads is this really cool local running trail that is rolling hills made of clay. We don’t have many hills in Florida, but these are pretty serious hills. A lot of my running groups have occasional excursions to this trail for hill work. I have always wanted to see/experience it, so I thought the race would be cool. 

As race day approached, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the 9 miles of hills, especially with a half marathon scheduled for next weekend. I thought maybe I’ll switch down to the 5k instead. 

The night before the race I was feeling lazy and somewhat scared of the pain that I would feel after finishing the race. Then I thought “well am I just being lazy? Or am I actually in pain?” 

Decided to skip the race and first thing in the morning felt a little disappointed. Was that really the right call? As the day progressed, my hips hurt more and more. At about lunch time, I was in so much pain, I started calling all of my massage therapists to see who could fit me in. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened had I tried to do the race. 

So that leaves the rest of the season…

I know I will be finishing the Space Coast Half Marathon this weekend, as it is flat, with a 7 HR time limit, and injured friends that will be walking with me. Future races though are up in the air. 

Hopefully, things will be on the upswing soon! 

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The Great Chocolate Race Orlando Review 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but running the Great Chocolate Race yesterday, all I could think about was doing a review! 

I didn’t get into Disney’s Wine and Dine and knew I needed 10 training miles this weekend, so why not run a 10 mile race? AND it’s themed to chocolate? Can’t get much more perfect then that. 

Well I was wrong…

The race seemed to spend a lot of money on advertising as everytime I was on Facebook I saw an ad for it, I just wish they had spent that money on other things…like runner safety 😔

Here are my thoughts:

1. Proof read your race emails – obviously copying and pasting from an earlier email without removing redundant info makes you look like you don’t care. 

2. Make sure the info in your emails matches what’s on the website. If the website says the 5k starts at 7:15 but the email says 7:05, which one is it? 

3. If you’re going to have the first 3 miles be the same for both races, make sure the fast runners start together, or spread out the start times enough that makes it safe for everyone. The 5k started about 4 minutes after I did, on the narrowest part of the course, meaning the fast runners for the 5k ran into oncoming traffic so they could run around the big crowd of 10 milers. 

4. Deliver what you say you will. If your email says you will have 6 water stations, but only set up 4, that’s an issue. Runners plan out these things as part of their race strategy. Luckily it wasn’t too hot and I brought a bottle of water. Not sure if volunteers just didn’t show up to man the other 2, but I much would’ve rather had those setup then the extra volunteers on the course cheering. 

5. To continue on that – we were told there would be hot chocolate afterward. It was very nice for them to email us last night to apologize for their vendor not coming through, but in 70+ degree weather I would’ve appreciated an apology for not enough water stations as opposed to no hot chocolate. 

6. It was great that there were cones everywhere to guide the cars, but with no signs, I saw at least 3 cars go into either the runner lane, or into oncoming traffic. Not safe! 

7. Before the start please have lights so runners aren’t walking around in pitch black! I stood next to the curb for about 5 minutes and saw 4 people trip. Luckily they just stumbled and weren’t hurt. 

8. If you’re going to have that much brick, please prepare people! I thought the OUC course was bad, geez! A photographer tried to point out to me that the course was on the bricks not the sidewalk…too bad! 

9. Some areas we ran through were kinda sketchy, but some were nice. 

10. Cops were everywhere! This was a huge plus!! 

11. The bling was huge! Getting a mug was an extra unexpected bonus. Was a little disappointed that the 5k medal was the same as the 10 miler. 

12. Priced way too high! I think with the early discount it was still $55-$60. Not worth it. 

13. A sign or people directing traffic to leave would’ve been nice. After I did a full loop in the grass lot, I followed some other people onto the road about 10ft from where the runners were finishing. Again, runner safety should be re-evaluated for next year. 

14. Supposedly free pictures are coming. That will be nice. 

Overall, this was one of the worst races I’ve ever done. If I ever do it again, it would be the 5k for fun with friends. They would really need to address runner safety and changes they make for future races for me to ever consider this one again. 

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Celebration Half Marathon

A few weekends ago I ran my third Celebration Half Marathon. Although my times keep increasing for this race, the fun never decreases.

This year I really tried to reflect on the race since its inception. While it’s only been over the course of 2 years, my life has changed so much and can be seen a lot through this race.

The first year – 2014 was its inception year. I was still living in Jupiter, dreaming of moving to Celebration and actually paid attention to each neighborhood to try and get my barings and see where I might see myself. I also was introduced to some PBRC friends that I have to this day. Meeting them encouraged me to be more outspoken with the groups and go to meet ups during princess where I met some more friends 😊. This was my 5th half marathon and my qualifier to be a Half Fanatic. Because this is also a marathon, I spent at least 2 hours after I finished watching the marathoners finish. I was so inspired that I decided next year I would do a full marathon at Disney.

Year two – I had been living in Celebration for 10 months and had just signed a lease for a new place to move into 2 months later. I got to run through both neighbors and loved that it was literally my hometown race.
 Even more friends participated which was so fun to see everyone on the course and after at the after party. This race felt amazing as it was 2 weeks after goofy and I was well trained and focused on helping a friend finish her 2nd half marathon.

 This year was a different story! I have not recovered well from the marathon (wasn’t well trained in the first place) and this race hurt! My hips, feet, knees, just everything was sore. I also no longer live in Celebration so it was a little sad running through it wishing I had taken better advantage of the beauty while I did live there.

The course is beautiful, after party great, and always fun to see so many people that I know. I’m going to continue to do this race of course and hope that next year I’m a lot better trained!

Let me also add…they have the BEST signs!!

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2016 Goals

This year is going to be even better than last year. I want to focus on more time for me and doing what makes me happy.


I need to lose the weight I’ve gained since moving to Orlando. It’s not going to be fun but I need to get it off.

I want to start liking running again. It’s felt like such an obligation because of all of the races that it’s lost some of the joy. Making time to run with friends and not feel guilty about taking a week off will help a lot.

One I like running again I’d like to do some speed work to get back on track for some time goals.


I want to declutter my life. This includes people and things I don’t need. I don’t want extra stuff around getting in my way. – I started decluttering the house and it has felt great!

With decluttering I would also like to be more fiscally responsible. Eat out less, save more, not buy random or excessive stuff.

I want to travel more. Little one day or weekend trips. Hopefully some places I can take Hudson to like the beach.

This year I want to focus on me and doing things that make me happy.

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2015 Goals in Review

2015 has been a CRAZY year for me. If you told me a year ago that I’d end up here, I’m not sure I’d believe you.

2015 saw me: meeting the man of my dreams, running my first marathon, getting 2 promotions at work, selling one house, buying another, and adopting the cutest little puppy!

My little Hudson

With all the changes/challenges thrown at me this year, I would say that my goals and priorities changed from what I had set forth for 2015.

Here is a reminder for the goals I set for 2015 and how I ended the year:

1. Get back into a routine for working out. – With so many changes at work, moving, and then finding a new routine with the dog, this definitely fell to the bottom of my priorities, and it sure shows! Definitely something to work on for 2016!

2. Run 30 races before I turn 31. – This one I SMASHED!! It was hard, and not always fun, but I had an amazing year running with so many different friends! 

So many medals!


3. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes. – Not even close. It’s hard to do so many races and speed work at the same time (but truth be told I did like 4 days of speed work all year so I didn’t put in the effort).

4. Run 700 miles for the year. – Didn’t quite get there…ran 500 total. There was A LOT of slacking for all the training, plus being over running with the incredibly hot summer/fall/winter we’ve had. I had never tracked the amount I’ve run though, so this is a great tool for me to base other years off of.

5. Cook more. – Well this didn’t happen, BUT my bf happens to be a chef, so it all worked out in the end!

6. Stay true to who I am. – This year I was thrown a lot of challenges and I think it really brought out who I am and what I want from life. I wouldn’t change any of the decisions I’ve made and am really proud of how I’ve handled myself.

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